Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This is an article from the New York Times that talks about Truman Capote and what made him want to become a writer.

This article is a Holcomb native that met Capote and Harper Lee. It also talks about how she felt durinig the murders before they knew who did it.

This article is someone talking about how they interprited the murders and what they believe what really happened the night of the murders.

This is an interview with Philip Hoffman who plays Capote in the movie "Capote"

This is a biography on Capote's life.

this is a video on a man review the special points that took place during the murders.

These are photos that relate to the murders, including Truman Capote, copies of the book, and the room where Kenyon Clutter was murdered.

This is about the Murders tumb stones being stolen
This is more of a background of the Murders and why they did what they had done.

Pictures revolved around the Clutters murders, includes evidence photos, trial photos, and much more.

Monday, May 2, 2011


The Clutter grave site that at the end of the novel Dewy and Susan Kidwell meet and have a strong moment.

This is a courtrooom becuase the end of the book stronly focous on the trial.

A sketch book that represents Otto's sketches of Perry and Dick that he gave to Perry.

A salvation army dorm that Perry and Dick stayed in while on the run after they left Omaha.

A post office that the People of Holocomb refer to as a "federal building." The way Capote goes into detail about this one builidng gives you the small town vibe.

This is the Funeral of the Clutter family.

The entire Clutter family before they were murdered.

This is the Clutter House.

This is like the phone cord that was cut when Mr. Ewalt went to go call someone for help.

This is the type of bear Nancy had in her bed room. Bobby won it from her at the County Fair.

The 1949 Chevy Sedan Dick drives.

Charector List

Mr. Clutter- A rich family man who is later killed in his home with the rest of his family
Mrs. Clutter- Mr. Clutter's wife, stay at home mom
Nancy Clutter- The second youngest Clutter child
Kenyon Clutter- The youngest Clutter child

Dick Hickock- One of the killers

Perry Smith- The other killer

Bobby Rupp- Nancys Boyfriend
Dewy- The detective on the case, who becomes infatuated because he has a family in a small town as well.
Susan Kidwell-Nancys bestfriend who realizes Nancy is missing
Tex John Smith- Perrys father who he has a complicated relationship with

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Litterary Devices

Similies- "she was wearing a bathrobe, pajamas, socks, slippers, like whenever it happend, she hadent gone to bed yet"
metaphor- "People of Holcomb speak of their post office as "The federal Building' "
Imagry-"The bed covers were drawn back, and lying there, toward the foot of the bed, was a mess of cards spilling out of it"
Symbolism- The shot gun symbolizes death
Euphemism "people I knew murdered" instead of people I knew passed away
Ottomotopea- "WHAM"


SPEAKER- The main charectors are kind of quiet and live their lives nieve because they live in such a small town
OCCASION-Holcome, Kansas November 1959
AUDIENCE-The speaker assumes that teh reader knows absolutly nothing about the small town in Kansas or the people involved
PURPOSE-To tell the the reader the story of a small town story about violent murders
SUBJECT-Is a small town with a tragety